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Language and Writing Center: The Craft of Writing- Proofreading

Peer writing tutors at CTS


Some of the best advice on writing doesn't always come from other academic sources, but from the writers who populate our world with easy to digest accessible text. On this page, you'll find articles and guides related to proofreading. The links in each section offer quick and easy explanations. They are written by professional writers and freelancers of varying levels, who have made their knowledge available to others in their craft.

Paper Writing Tips and Techniques

Understanding the mechanics of what makes a strong written assignment can be intimidating. Some people struggle with how to write opening paragraphs, others aren't sure what is supposed to go in a conclusion. These resources provide insight into the individual components of what goes into the kind of written assignments you will be asked to complete at CTS.


Proofreading/Editing Tips

 Getting into the habit of proofreading your own work is essential not only for graduate school but life after. Doing so helps to identify areas of improvement. The more you proofread your own work, the more it will become second nature as part of your writing practice. Here are articles and resources that provide insight into self-proofreading methods.

Proofreading Apps/Software

This is a list of free online software platforms designed to check spelling, grammar, and in some instances plagiarism.


Fun Reads to Improve Your Writing

These are some great titles that provide more in-depth instruction to the skills and techniques related to proofreading.