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Language and Writing Center: Scheduling an Appointment

Schedule Appointment

UPDATE: Due to budgetary constraints, the Language and Writing Center staff keep limited hours.

If you need help with a large project (capstone project, thesis, dissertation, or any written work that exceeds 20 pages) you are encouraged to request an editing/proofreading appointment at least two weeks in advance of your due date.

Tutors reserve the right to reschedule or cancel appointment requests for writing projects that would exceed 8 hours of work per week. This is to ensure that everyone has equal access to tutoring services and no one person is monopolizing time and resources. 

If you have any questions or concerns about how budgetary constraints are impacting student utilization of the Language and Writing Center, please see the Dean of Academic Affairs or the President of CTS to voice your concerns.

Tips on Scheduling an Appointment

The more information in the "What type of assistance do you need?" box the better prepared the tutor can be!  Therefore, please clearly state what you’re seeking help with: the type of assignment (short assignment, final paper, sermon, presentation, conference paper, etc), the course it is for, and, if possible, the assignment instructions for the course provided by the professor.

Try to set your appointments as far out in advance as possible.